Date: 06/24/2019
How Our Instructor Program Works

Once you fill out our submission form by clicking the link below we will review your lesson name and description. We will then contact you and send you a lesson submittal package. After filling out our short submittal form with your lesson information like Day Rental Price, Description, etc.  you will then mail your lesson or lessons to us on a DVD in a mpeg2 file format with the submittal form.  Once reviewed, we will post it in the category and subcategory of your choosing.  Then once a month we will send you a statement and check for your 60% of the net income (net income is the sale price less credit card processing fees).

There are several ways to offset the costs of producing your class such as product placements in your class, short commercials, verbal plugs for sponsors, links to your web presence or Manttus.com Shopping Cart ..etc.
Our Instructor Package will explain how to produce and generate income with your class.

How to Submit Your Class Idea

Submitting your class is a simple process.

Click on the "Fill out Our Submission Form" link below, answer the questions and press submit.

We will then send you a package that will explain how to submit your class or classes to us.

You then record and edit your class, fill out the submittal form and mail it to us.

We will place your class into our streaming web player so that people can start to rent it.

Click the "Requested Classes" link above to see a list of classes that people have requested.
If you are qualified, have the expectance and/or training to teach one or more of the requested classes please submit it to us. The more classes you place on your site the more income you have the potential to make.

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We store no financial information at this site.

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